Classic Boat Rally 2017

The Classic Boat Rally is organised by Anstruther Harbour Festival in conjunction with Anstruther Sailing Club, and the inner harbour wall at the middle pier is reserved for classic boats entered in the Classic Boat Rally. 

Boats wishing to register for the Classic Boat Rally should contact ASC Hon Secretary 

The criteria for a classic boat are that it should be generally wooden or steel hulled, but also GRP if a descendant of a wooden hull design and with enough wood trim to pass as a classic, or boats of “classic” design of any period or construction form, subject to the discretion of ASC Hon Secretary


Photos above are from the 2017 Rally. Claasic boats attending the 2017 Rally included :

  • Braveheart - 40' Endurance class aerorig sloop 
  • Britannia - 65' seine net fishing boat built 1952
  • Caperdonich - 31' Fairey Atalanta sloop built 1963 with moulded mahogony hull and decks
  • Christina II - 39' seine net fishing boat built 1952
  • Deineira - 23' pocket sloop of clinker-built mahogony planks on oak frames, built by Lentlebury of Plymouth in 1964  
  • Fidelity - 26' gaff rigged cutter yacht, built in 1980 to a pre-WW! Colin Archer design 
  • Ivy G - Westerly 22 bermuda sloop yacht
  • Reaper - 70' "Fifie" sailig drifter built 1903
  • Rose Leaf - 20' Fifie fishing lugger
  • Scallywag - 26' Farey Atalanta sloop built 1954 with moulded mahogony hull and decks
  • Torry Bey - 42' ketch-rigged variation of the Offshore One Design class of offshore yachts
  • White Rose - 33' "Baldie" class fishing lugger built 1917

For more details of these classics, see -

For photos of all the boats  by Alaisdair Ramsay and Bill Kennaway, see

During the Muster information sheets describing the design, construction and history of each Classic Boat are displayed at the quayside adjacent to each boat

Anstruther Sailing Club awarded the trophiy for Classic Boat of the Year to Deinaira from Arbroath, skippered by Karl Abel. The Classic Boat trophy is a shield donated by the Boathouse Bar/Restaurant.

All entrants in the Rally were given special "Anstruther Classic Boat Rally 2017" pennants

The 2017 Harbour Festival  hosted a drinks reception for classic boat skippers and crew, and Festival sposors and committee members  in the wardroom of the Reaper, the Museum's 70' sailing drifter

For Alaisdair Ramsay's brilliant photographs of the 2015 Festival's Classic Boat Rally, see  -    Click on the projector icon in the top RH corner of the screen to get the full screen images

The Fisheries Museum's "Reaper" 70' 112 year old sailing drifter is based at Anstruther and was open to the public for the rest of the day, with its below decks history exhibition of the herring fishery and its ancient crew dressed in authentic fishing garb -

For photo galleries of previous Classic Boat Rallies, see and